2013: The Last Year Before 2014.

It’s the Annual Avoid Coming Up With a Post Idea – I mean Best of Daisybrain Post!


Sure, you could click on the Index & go through the blog posts yourself, but I have thoughtfully taken that tedious work out of the process for you. Now, you can click on some of 2013’s most thrilling Daisybrain posts right from this very post! Proceed….

  • We started the year with a post called More Fat Cats. Because “Fat Cat” is the #1 search term that brings people to Daisybrain, many people were undoubtedly disappointed to find out it was devoid of obese felines and was all about a rhyming game.
  • Slow Down falls into the category of Advice for Better Living by Someone Who Pretends to Know. I would like to report that many people have told me they were helped by this post. Yes… I’d like to report that.
  • Here’s one of my favorite nonsensical posts: An Extremely Important Daisybrain Story. This post was written to appeal to people who are me.


This list comprises some of my favorite Daisybrain posts of 2013. I assume you will dutifully read every one. When you are done, you may click on the flower to take you to a previous Daisybrain retrospective. I’ll wait here for you.



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