Expired Poetic License


Two Trains

There are two trains leaving the tracks

The Sane Train and the Insane Train

I keep buying tickets for the one, but board the other.

Then, I jump off that train – who knows where it’s going, but it’s sure to crash eventually.

I dash back to the station, proud of my decision to change trains.

Only to board the wrong train again.

The New Note

It took him a lifetime, but he was finally the inventor of a new note.

This note had never been sung, played or heard before.

And it never would.

After all, why should he share it with the world?

They would never appreciate it.

Better to let it die with him.

Four Chambers

I’m locked out of all four chambers of your heart

It’s cold out here

And lonely

And sad

My procrastination

My procrastination is an opaque gas that fills any container of time, no matter how large.

Casting a shadow over my life

I dwell in the shadow

Timidly asking to be let out now and then

The answer will always be  “no”.


I buried another poem under this flower:


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