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This post needed a picture of some kind.

This post needed a picture of some kind.

Now time to procrastinate by writing a blog post. Remember, it’s not just some amateur crastination – it’s a pro. That’s why I am obligated to do it. You gotta listen to the pros – protractors (much better for farming than amateur tractors), procreation (God was an amateur creator; I look for creations made by pros), programmers (English teachers are pro grammars), proteins (amateur teens just don’t know how to rebel), prostitutes (clearly better than substitutes) and proverbs (regular verbs are boring).

Here is a memo from Mory. I forget what it’s about:

Memo, Re: Member:

Me Mory. Bad. For get a lot. Why bra in bro, Ken?

Here are some random word-thoughts:

  • Falafel? More like Fal-wonderful!
  • It takes real eyes to realize real lies.
  • Dr. Agons, lo vet re asure!

The natural gas industry has the most aggressive PR campaign I’ve seen since BP tried to convince us they were just good ol’ boys from the South who loved the environment. But a quick look at the letters in “natural gas” reveals the following anagrams:

  1. tar as a lung
  2. alas, tar gun
  3. anal rut gas

And therein lies the truth, whatever that may be.

You’ve made it through another Daisybrain blog post. For your reward, you may visit another Daisybrain blog post:


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