How the Earth Got Fixed

creeky spider

On Tes’russ, there is but one sentient life form, the uss. There are, however a vast number of diverse organisms that form a complex, interdependent ecological matrix. One of those organisms is the creeky spider. It’s not a spider in the Earth sense of the species, but it looks enough like a small yellow, white and orange spider that humans mistook it for one when they first came across it. It makes a creeky sound when it walks, thus its name. Nobody on Earth paid enough attention to realize that the creeky spider was spearheading an alien invasion.

The reason that the uss populate planets with creeky spiders before they themselves pay a visit has to do with an amazing ability of the spider – it sends out strong feelings of unconditional love to all nearby beings. On Tes’russ, this behavior serves to pacify other species that may otherwise prey on the creeky spider. It also helps individuals of different species to cooperate in feeding one another the enzymes and nutrients that each naturally secretes. It is the creeky spider’s radiant love that keeps the entire system of interdependent symbiosis going.

The uss use creeky spiders that they have genetically modified to absorb all of the nutrients the spiders need from the moisture in soil. The spiders don’t require any other species to survive, but still produce and radiate love to all life forms around them. For their invasion of Earth, the uss dropped nearly three trillion creeky spiders on the planet, blanketing the Earth with feelings of love and compassion that made it impossible for the otherwise fearful and violent humans to harbor any ill will toward the uss.

The name “uss” comes from a translation of the word that the uss use for themselves. In their language, they simply refer to themselves as “us”. The first humans to encounter this alien species incorrectly decided that they must be saying the sound uss, as opposed to the word “us”. Now, they are among us, so to speak. The uss far outnumber human beings on Earth. Luckily, they are thin, and if they suck in their bellies and retract their tentacles, they take up very little space indeed.

The reason that the uss came to Earth? Boredom. They are a very curious species that love to explore. Earth seemed interesting to them, so they came. Now of course, with the creeky spiders everywhere, we make a very hospitable planet; we no longer fight each other, or eat other species. The love of the creepy spider, washing over and through us in abundance, has opened our hearts to connect to one another through our own feelings of love. Yes, this has wreaked havoc on the natural order of things. After all, we were a planet where everything ate everything else. This fact was the basis of our competition and conflict. While humans have adapted to the new reality, other species have had to be genetically adjusted, with the help of the uss, to feed themselves from minerals in the soil and water, as well as the food we create in laboratories and scatter across the planet. Even microorganisms love one another too much to harm each other.

In the days before the alien invasion, I would have felt obligated to insert some sort of problem in the story for some protagonist to overcome. But nothing bad came of the invasion. In fact, it is only the uss pacification of the Earth that has led other species throughout the galaxy feeling safe enough to visit Earth. And there’s no turning back – even human astronauts, flying millions of miles away from creeky spiders, are still full of love. Once the heart has been opened so profoundly, it stays open, and the love just multiplies.

So, thank you creeky spiders, and thank you uss. I love you all.

Look under this Earth-Flower! It’s another short scifi story:


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  1. You must be talking about psychiatrists!


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