Bye Bye Polar

buh-bye bye bye

buh-bye bye bye

buh-bye buy buy polar fleece

It’ll keep you warm, all through the storm.

Everybody loves me. I’m the smartest of the smart.

I’ll make your band famous. I’m connected to art.

I have a special relationship with my TV

Aliens and witches are after me

I’ll meet you in your bedroom at 3 am.

I’ll let myself in.

My old friends left me but my new friends see I’m cool

They know that genius acts like a fool

I’m not the crazy one, it’s all my mom

She convinced my doctor but I’ll prove her wrong

The cops are on my side ‘cause I’m the world’s greatest lover

They just arrested me to go under cover

Now I’m in the psych ward to do research for my book

The nurse knows my mission I can tell from his look

I met a guy in here that owns a power factory.

I have to escape. My doctor’s trying to get me.

I’m immune to drugs. I can cure myself.

That’s why I leave my medicine on the shelf.

What’s the point in living? I’ll never be free.

My mom and doctor try to poison me.

Hey, what’s up?

I’m starting something new.

I can make you rich and famous.

I’ll make your dreams come true

I designed my own wardrobe

made completely of egg cartons

I think it’s pretty sexy

Now you can call me Martin

Hypo hypo manic

Like the Titanic

before it sinks

Type One

Type Two

I dont know what to do

It’s all so confusing

I’m not sure what’s happening.

I could have won the lottery for my dad

But he lost the ticket. That makes me so mad

buh-bye, bye bye

buh-bye, bye bye

buh-bye, buy buy… polar fleece, it’s such a great deal.

How do you feel?

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