Seemingly Random Facts

nestlemonsterthumbnailFact #1: Au Bon Pain is owned by Nestle.

Fact #2: “Nestle in malls” rearranges to spell *Mental Illness*

Draw your own conclusions. But bear in mind, Nestle is on of the most notoriously evil companies in the world. From killing babies in developing countries with practices condemned worldwide to declaring that water is not a human right and should be privatized, Nestle has proven time & again that no one with a soul should buy their products.


At the time of this writing:

Fact #3: Russia has moved troops in to Crimea, allegedly to protect the Russians who live there.

Fact #4: The United States and the UK condemned Russia for doing this.

Fact #5: From Grenada to the Falklands, as well as other instances too numerous to list, the US and the UK have invaded other countries allegedly to protect their own nationals.


Fact #6: According to recent studies, there is no benefit to reducing salt in your diet.

Fact #7: According to recent studies, salt is killing you.

Solar Heat

Fact #8: With current technology, it would take about 191,817 square miles of solar panels to supply all of the world’s power needs in 2030 (about 40% more power than we use now).

Fact #9: There are approximately 1.5 billion houses in the world, along with hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of other structures (buildings, etc.), each of which has a roof. At a modest 30 square feet per building, that’s 8.5 million square miles of available roof surface, roughly 44 thousand times what is needed for all the solar panels.


Fact #10: There is a huge market for rat meat in London.

Fact #11: “Great Britain” rearranges to spell “Are Rat Biting,” “Biting Rat Ear,” and “Eating Rat Rib.”

For more facts, click this flower:


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