Brand New Words for the Mid-2000-Teens


Twitterror: A mistake on Twitter, like a post over 140 characters that gets cut off mid-sentence. (I twitterred, and now I look like an idiotwit.)

Idiotwit: How you feel once an irretrievable twitterror has been idiotweeted.

Facebookworm: 21st century version of the old expression, “bookworm”.

Myspace: A term for anything out of date and relegated to older generations. (“Grandma is so Myspace!”)

Yahoo: (See “Myspace”)

Instagrammys: The awards for the internet’s most popular 15-second songs

Sputumblr: An accurate description of 70% of the content on Tumblr

Thumblr: A little known subset of Tumblr involving only pics of thumbs.

Redditiot: A Reddit moderator

Huffington Pre: A term for whatever came before the Huffington Post

Grunteen: The name of the language that teenagers, who can’t be bothered to pause their video games, use to communicate with their parents. Every word in Grunteen translates to, “Ya, whatever, I’m almost at the next level. Leave me alone.”

Take a list at my old list of brand new words to see how many caught on:


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