Bad Yet Good Yet Bad Band Names


Unasked for, yes. Unreceived? No! It’s time for another onslaught of free band names, from Daisybrain.

  • Rock Candy
  • Bed Rock

  • Pen Nitrate
  • New Diddy
  • Bandy About Town
  • Harmonic Motion
  • Punk Rock Candy
  • Abandoned
  • You’re In Eight
  • Poopy Pants
  • Damn Nation (oops – I see this one already exists)
  • Disbanded
  • Band It
  • The Creeptons
  • Harmonic Resonance
  • Krypton Nights
  • The Krypton Knights
  • Knights of Krypton
  • Pun Crock
  • Sara Bellum and the Frontal Cortex
  • Spleen
  • Rubber Band
  • The Music Killers (This one was actually the name of a band I was in, but you can have it now.)
  • Gluttons for Punishment (also an old band name of mine, but now available at no cost to you)
  • Bandicoot
  • Trouble Clef
  • Despicable Bastards
  • Car Tunes
  • Crud
  • Panini Envy
  • Sweatband
  • Rock-a-Feller
  • A Tonal Band
  • The Stone Tones (maybe a Stones tribute band?)
  • The Self Tributes
  • Harmonic Convergence
  • New Wave Theory

Once again, you are invited to adopt any of these band names. All I ask in return is that you include the word “socknose” in the title of your first CD.

Maybe bands aren’t your thing. Here are some Business Name Ideas:





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