Bad Poems for Bad People

Please Sleep

My eyes float in a bath of acid

My jaw is tired. My neck releases the weight of my head.

Wine keeps me close to sleep

fearful of energy

fearful of wakedness

Can sleep in this position

laying down will break the spell

Life is Just

I don’t have any fantasies

I don’t know what I want

I’m not satisfied

Life is just….

Want Not

Wasting productive time

Productive wasting time

Time wasting productive

Zero in


Indecipherable mnemonics 

Indecipherable mnemonics

Talent releases show

Can’t stop remembering

What it was to begin

Begin anew

Chancellor’s dream

Despising self, forgetting dreams

Remembering life’s choice

Thought disparage reality

Go for it.

This flower will take you to some Playground Poetry:



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