New Words for Old

Slight misspellings can create a new world of words. It’s like the genetic mutations that make evolution possible. So, here’s to the evolution of the language:

  • Independance: A solo dance
  • Burgerlar: A hamburger thief

  • Berried Treasure: A delicious berry-filled dessert
  • Our taxes pay for school textbooks made in Texas, often with an anti-science, anti-historical reality bent. This is fitting since “T-E-X-A-S” is made out of our “T-A-X-E-S,” with a very slight rearrangement of letters. Add just one little ‘s’ and you get Texass, which is how the state behaves politically.
  • Correspondance: A dance correspondence
  • Intellicent: A sentient penny… it’s coming.
  • Facebloke: A faster way of referring to a Facebook friend
  • Presidented: When the President’s car hits your car, it becomes presidented.
  • Tryangle: An angle that’s really trying.
  • Cansir: The formal way to address male cancer.

New Meanings For Old:

Contemplate: A thoughtful plate

From now on, pooping is called uneating

The term “undead” should apply to all living things. And, you can call the dead “unliving”.

Lexicon Artist: One who deceives through language

That’s it for this post’s mangling of the English language. For more destructive lexiconning, touch this flower:






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