Monstermon Cards

When I was teaching second graders, I was frustrated by a lack of engaging books for students who were socially adjusted to second grade but reading below grade level. The books available to them had baby-ish themes and were physically smaller than the book the rest of the kids could read. That’s why I wrote Monstermon Cards. It’s a short book with a theme taken straight from the experiences of second graders. Unlike most books used to teach reading to struggling readers, it’s a chapter book, and can be enjoyed by any student.

I didn’t have the patience to send the book off to five dozen publishers and 25 agents in search of someone willing to take a chance on it. Plus, I didn’t like the feeling of rejection. So, I self-published. You can do this through an Amazon company called Createspace. Each time someone orders a book, they just print it up and send it to them. Remarkable.

Yesterday, the “proof” came in the mail for me to check over. Outside of a missing period that my son Ben noticed (finding the punctuation mistake could be a whole second grade lesson), it’s flawless, and I was super thrilled to see it in print. The book is illustrated with hilarious drawings by another son of mine, David, who is a brilliant multi-media artist.

It’ll be a couple of days until the book goes live on Amazon, but this is a link to it on the Createspace site.




Monsteron title 1



My Hi-Lo Book, Monstermon Cards, is now available on Amazon. A Hi-Lo, or Hi/Lo book is a high interest low readability book. For more information on Hi-Lo books and early readers, see my Hi-Lo Facebook Page, which includes links to my blog posts on education reform.

The following flower will take you to a brief description of a publisher’s rejection letter, from one of my book projects:








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