Love and Other Poems

In the Beginning, Love

In the beginning there was love

There was no end

Love Manifest

Sometimes love radiates through all the cells in my body

I feel serenely connected to everything that is

The ground is soft and pillowy

I don’t need to go anywhere

Because I’m here

Part of life

The energy of all of creation

Flowing through all things

Love manifest

Then I eat a chocolate cookie

And I’m back, down in my body

And the world seems smaller

And I feel like watching TV

A Poem Needs a Title

People aren’t interested in poems without titles

It’s like a person without a name

Or a play without a genre

Or a story without a beginning

But the essence of a person is not her name

And a play is just a thought

and stories exist outside of time

Memories of Poems, beneath this daisy:



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