The Soul of a Fly

So there I was, walking my dog on a hot summer day, when a fly repeatedly approached me and landed on my hand. I had been practicing thoughts of universal love, which I sometimes do on my dog walks, so maybe the fly was attracted to my benevolent nature. That, or my dog and I were so tired and sweaty that we smelled like we might keel over dead at any moment and be good eating for a fly. In either case, I looked very carefully at this fly. It was quite beautiful, not your ordinary housefly. As I peered into the compound eyes of the little being, I began to ponder its soul, or spirit.



I’m not one to believe that only humans are endowed with spirit energy. That viewpoint seems a bit species centric to me. I started to picture my spirit, and the fly’s spirit, both connected to the universal source of all life energy. I caught myself visualizing the little fly’s spirit as much smaller than mine. But then I thought, Do I have a larger spirit than the fly? Why would I? I have to assume that the spirit, or soul, of a small person is equal to that of a large person. Otherwise, I would have to come to grips with the idea that elephants and Blue Whales have spirits vastly larger than my own. Is there another reason that my spirit would be bigger? In some ways, I’m a lot smarter than the fly. But then again, that fly can fly. So, it’s smarter than me in at least that regard. Some people are a bit dismissive of the value of a fly’s life because they naturally live so briefly compared to humans. But I wasn’t about to measure the size of souls by how long beings live; that wouldn’t make any sense or be fair.

After all of this contemplation, the fly was still on my hand. Maybe it was thinking about the same things. I decided that, perhaps, the spirit is not so much a thing that fills our bodily containers, but an energetic connection, a conduit to the life force of the universe, perhaps to God. In this sense, the spirit is what connects all life and may even be a pathway to total empathy with all living things.

I started looking around at the trees, the grass, the flowers and thinking about the microscopic organisms that fill the air and water. Maybe we are not just members of our own colonies of species, but parts of one living whole. After all, outside of the speculative connection of spirit, we are constantly exchanging matter and energy. Everything that makes up my body now made up the bodies of other living things before me. i am not even the same physical being that I was as a child. As far as I know, that fly might contain atoms that once resided in the cells of my body.


One thing I know is that the fly and I are made from the same batch of play-dough. We are all pieces of the Earth, flying, walking and thinking.


Under this flower, lie Mysteries of Insects… revealed!


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