Things that Don’t Taste Like Their Name Implies

  • Strawberry (thankfully)
  • Breadfruit (huh?)
  • Nectarine (better tasting than most necks)
  • Currant (tastes too dated to be current, har har)
  • Coconut (tastes nothing like cocoa or nuts)
  • Eggplant (nope, though that would be interesting)

  • Elderberry (I’ve tasted many elders at the old folks home, and none of them taste like elderberries)
  • Boysenberry (they actually have a pretty gender-neutral flavor)
  • Gooseberry (I’m a vegetarian, so I’m going out on a limb for this one)
  • Marionberry (tastes nothing like the former mayor of Washington, DC, Marion Barry, and I should know – I spent the 90s sneaking into his home and licking him while he slept)
  • Watermelon (so much more flavorful than water)
  • Rock Melon (I don’t know what it is – I just saw it in a list of fruits – but pretty unappetizing name)
  • Blood Orange (insert a vampire joke here)
  • Pineapple (neither pine nor apple flavored)
  • Chickpea (doesn’t taste like chicks or peas)
  • Salmon Berry (probably named for the color, not the flavor, but that’s no excuse)
  • Peanut (thankfully)
  • Elephant Garlic (I’m just assuming)
  • Carrot (Just to be sure, I ate the rot growing in my car, and it was completely different)
  • Elephant Foot Yam (Never actually seen this one, but what a great and unappealing name!)
  • Horseradish (I’ll let the French decide….)
  • and, of course, Dingleberry

In the mood for another food-themed post? Click this edible flower:


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