I am not Chuwar

Today, I received this very moving message from “lindoss” in the comments section of my post, Latest Scam Emails:

Hello baby, are ok? sorry I am a fried because I sow man message that you sand for the man boys like me, and I am not Chuwar that it’s the thru. sine January your area sending the same massage for the man people way? kiss but I love your so much wen a sow your beautiful picture that you sand me. I hope that you will make me street about that. kiss kiss kiss until the and.

I am deeply sorry that lindoss is a fried man boy, but at least he’s not Chuwar. I detest Chuwar. I promise to make a street about that for you, lindoss.

I got the following comment for my post, Lose Weight the Daisybrain Way:

Wonderful Post. I seriously enjoyed reading it. A lot of
times I find it hard to find informative yet practical
weight loss information. You’ve made some really good points.

In order for you to appreciate this comment as much as I do, I am reproducing the post that inspired it:

How to Lose Weight

And now I present my insightful parody of all diet commercials on TV:

Want to lose weight?

Buy big pants!

Want to lose more weight?

Buy bigger pants!

Thank you very much. You’ve been a lovely audience.

While we are on the subject of thoughtful comments, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Charlene for her interest in my post, Fashion Haiku for Middle Aged Men. She asked, “Do you have any video of that? I’d want to find out some additional information.” As a matter of fact, Charlene, I do have a video of that! Here it is:


Perhaps my the most meaningful and emotionally charged comment came from “don’t try this,” who, after reading my post, How to Take Over Your School, remarked, “It’s an remarkable paragraph for all the online visitors; they will get advantage from it I am sure.”

And, finally, I would like to share the following comment from one of my most loyal followers, “visit my webpage,” who, upon reading my post, Flaws in Your “Reality,” wrote the following:

It has the such as you learn my head! You peer to grasp a whole lot about the following, such as you had written the ebook in it or something like that. I believe that you can do with a few Per-cent to make your message property a small amount, on the other hand as an alternative to in which, that is magnificent weblog. An incredible read through. I will easily be returning.

I will easily be returning as well. Until then, please click the flower for another Daisybrain post, and feel free to continue to bless this blog with your heartfelt comments.



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