The End of a Story

Here is a short story challenge*. I will supply you with the end of a story and your job is to write the beginning and middle. Please submit your oeuvre in the Comments section. So, with out any further ado, here is the adieu:

Since Bill wasn’t his name, and he didn’t work at the convenience store, it looked as if everything would work out. But just in case any of them showed up again, MaryEllen held on the briefcase. Besides, you never know when the mine might be opened again, and that briefcase was just the insurance she needed if she was going to keep living in Flatbush County. And Flatbush was starting to look like a pretty interesting place to live.

*Challenge: A contest, without a prize!

Once you’re done writing and submitting your story, you may visit the location that this flowering  teleportal will take you:





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