The Old Man and Jonathan

It was April 27, 1987 again. The Old Man liked to visit with the residents of the Alzheimer’s Home. His favorite friend at the Home was Jonathan. Jonathan lived in April 27, 1987. The Old Man had been visiting Jonathan once a week for years now. Each visit was the same. He would politely introduce himself and Jonathan would pretend to remember him. Then, they would talk about what was going on in the world in the spring of ’87. Jonathan would talk about how President Reagan seemed to be slipping into dementia, how he hoped that the Vice President and former CIA boss wouldn’t be our next Commander in Chief, and whether CDs would be a passing fad.

These visits to the Alzheimer’s Home were the highlight of the Old Man’s life. Chatting with Jonathan was purely enjoyable. The conversations were inconsequential, yet devoid of ulterior motives, sarcasm, or any of the other trappings of most conversations with other people. As the Old Man’s own Alzheimer’s slowly progressed, he would forget that he had already visited the Home earlier in the week. He came to visit two, three and eventually seven days a week, each visit exactly the same, each conversation living fully in 1987.

The Old Man and Jonathan, time traveling to the same day, enjoying it each time for the first time – the perfect day.

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