I am a Man, and other serious poems

I am a Man

I am a man

I can lift things

I can open a door

I can cook meat outside

I can fertilize an egg

I am a man

Three Kinds of Poems

There are three kinds of poems:

The cliché, the obscure and the mundane

The cliché flutter like birds in the wind

Then land with broken wings on a broken heart

The obscure secretly make no sense but must be important

They are the empty whispers of a piano tuner, gravely ill with beauty

The mundane are prose masquerading as poems

Try to imagine Garrison Keiller’s bass voice cascading down an octave by the end of each line and then starting back up an octave at the beginning of the next:

“Today, I went to buy a carton of milk

I had a dollar fifty-three in change in my pocket

I walked toward the store, passing the children, playing in the street

I bought the milk

And brought it home

And placed it on the counter.”

This is a mundane poem. I am not proud.

All That I Know

All that I know that exists in the world are



and chocolate

And I’m not so sure about me and God

What lurks beneath this flower?



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