Signs that Would Make Good/Bad Band Names

Lying on my back in some twisted yoga pose, I saw a ceiling pipe with a sticker that read, “Storm Drain.” What a great band name, I thought. That, or “Dorm Strain.” Continuing to ignore the yoga teacher, it occurred to me that many potential band names could be found in everyday signs. Here are some examples:

Signs that Would Make Good Band Names:

  • Storm Drain
  • Blind Drive
  • Dead End
  • Falling Rock
  • Welcome to Nashville
  • Yield
  • Wrong Way
  • Slow Children
  • Detour
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Slippery When Wet
  • No Entry
  • Authorized Personnel


Signs that Would Make Bad Band Names:

  • Patient Parking
  • Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear
  • Push Button for Walk Signal
  • Reduced Salt Area
  • Shoulder Work
  • Caution Drive Slowly
  • Please Keep Off the Grass (unless you have a straight-edge band)

More Signs:


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