God and the Meaning of Life

Let’s start with the premise that the universe was created by God. If so, in the beginning there was only God. Everything, therefore, came from God; everything in creation is of God. Because God comprises all that is, we can say that God is infinite. And, since everything that exists is a piece, as it were, of the infinite source of all being, it follows that everything – from the largest system to the smallest single particle – is infinite. This means that all possibility exists within all of us, and within all things that make up the universe. If an apple tree is the universe and from itself that tree creates thousands of seeds, in each seed is the potentiality of the entire tree. In the end, we have to conclude that, as in the beginning, there is only God, and God is us.

This brings up a strange conundrum. How can it be that parts of God, namely us, are unaware of, or even deluded as to their true nature? One could argue that, “God works in mysterious ways,” and that we may never comprehend why God created the universe as it now exists, only marginally self-aware and confused as to its true identity. But if God created the universe, then, as I explained above, we are God. Why would God work in ways that are mysterious to God? Is it all a game to amuse God? Or does God not really have a choice – it is just God’s dharma to create things as they are, just as a dung beetle has no choice but to roll dung in the sand?

Some say that our mission in this and all of our lives is to realize our connection with God in order to reconnect and merge with God, shedding our Earthly egos and achieving nirvana. But… why? Why would God set things up so that parts of God forgot who they were and had to struggle over many lifetimes to remember? It’s like you know the rules of a board game but have no idea why the game was invented in the first place.

Here’s a related wrinkle in this God-centered reality: They say that to err is human. Yet, God created humans. If God is perfect, then how and why would God create imperfect things? This is akin to the question of suffering. Perhaps God doesn’t care about suffering or thinks that it’s all for the best. But then why would God’s creations, made in God’s image, so dislike suffering?

So it turns out that whether or not you believe in God-the-Creator, the meaning of life is still a mystery. I can only conclude that it is a mystery to God, as well.

Some notes on beauty:


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