2014 Happened: The Daisybrain Retrospective

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A lot of things happened in the world in 2014, but who are we to tell you about it? Instead, we are going to tell you about some of the most important Daisybrain posts of 2014. Let the past come forth!

1. Our very first post of 2014 is Classic Daisybrain: the unasked for yet reoccurring theme of suggested Band Names. Includes possible names for you you new band, such as, “Geekaboo.”

Here Come More Band Names….


2. I was active in a peace group called The Pledge of Resistance. Learn about a side of US history not included in textbooks. This post contains pics, video & text!

The Pledge of Resistance


3. I like to write very short stories. I’m fond of these three, involving life, death and farts:

Snippets – little storylets from Daisybrain


4. In 2014, I posted some of my comic art. Here’s an example I like to call…



5. Sometimes I make videos & post them. This is one of those times. Warning: contains philosophy:

What Does it Mean to Be an Individual: The video!


6. Here’s a typically scattered Daisybrain post, in which I reveal the truth about Nestle’s, Rat eating in Britain, and salt:

Seemingly Random Facts


7. In 2014, I continued to present suggestions to improve the world. Here’s an example:

Free Idea #18: Easier USB plugs


8. I recently completed editing a cookbook I made with my father. For a culinary example, check out my smoothies:

The World’s Best Smoothie Recipe


9. Sometimes, I insert my opinion about language and culture into the world. OK, a lot f times I do that. This is one of those times:

Woman is not an Adjective


10. An average of 2.8 Daisybrain posts per month contained poems. Here is a sample. Don’t judge me:

I am a Man, and other serious poems


Those ten posts sample the curious thoughts and observations that make up this blog. If you are truly fearless, click on this flower to arrive at a random post from the Daisybrain archives:



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