More There Should Bes

Daisybrain endeavors to provide the world with practical suggestions for its own improvement. We’ve done it here, here and here, to link to a few. We have taken the fact that the world has ignored our suggestions as a plea for even more. So, here ya go:

  1. There should be an ambulance service for pets.
  2. There should be an app that delivers a mild electrical shock to people every time they say something racist, homophobic, sexist, etc…. Feedback without humiliation.
  3. There should be Smart Toilets that adjust volume of flush according to mass of contents and include an interior bowl ventilation system that sucks odors down and away.
  4. There should be Heated Winter Clothes that sense local skin temperature (feet, arms, etc,) and adjust heating accordingly.
  5. There should be interactive TV/Web shows where you get to choose how an episode proceeds. You would be given possibilities for a character to choose different actions and then see how the choice would play out. Does she choose to become a vampire? Do they move to LA? Should she ask her out?

And now for something completely different (probably).

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