Two Poems and a Thing

I exist outside

I exist outside

I exist inside

I am the Earth breathing the sky

I am the snow looking at my reflection in the window

I am the window

Sky and Earth mix to create life

Life holds sky and Earth together

All is one is all

When the Earth takes back my body, what happens to my breath?

Bodies believe it flutters up

But that is just breath’s echo

My breath returns to fill all space and time

It really never left

While it flirted with my body

Snowflakes curious

Snowflakes curious

The last leg of their fall

Zoom in toward the windshield

To get a good look at me

I hope I don’t disappoint

I Edited It

“I edited it,” said the Editor. “But then Reddit reedited it, and I didn’t get credit for the edit.”

“I accredited it,” said the Accreditor. “You did the accredited edit, so take credit.”

“If I take credit for editing it,” said the Editor, “Reddit will debit it. I’ll have credit for a discredited debited edit.”

 “Damn,” said the Accreditor.

Warning: Clicking this flower will take you to a short story.


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