…But Do They Date?

I have decided to base my vote for US President on how datable a candidate is. I have painstakingly searched Google for the phrase, “my date with [fill in candidates name]” to see what the dating public thinks of the potential candidates, and I have received some surprising results:

“my date with Elizabeth Warren” – 0 results

“my date with Jeb Bush” – 0 results

“my date with Ted Cruz” – 0 results

“my date with Rick Perry” – 0 results

“my date with Chris Christie” – 0 results

“my date with Bernie Sanders” – 0 results

“my date with Marco Rubio” – 0 results

“my date with Rand Paul” – 0 results

“my date with Richard Nixon” – 0 results

“my date with Joe Biden” – 2 results

“my date with Sarah Pailin” – 5 results

“my date with Al Gore” – 5 results

“my date with Hillary Clinton” – 4,350 results

Sorry, Richard Nixon, I thought this was going to be your year.

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