Blow Your Mind with these Totally Random Blog Post Items

Catchy Slogans Seemingly Devoid of Meaning:

Ignore the ignorant!

Expunge the sponges!

Down With Gravity!


From now on, all English will be based on Barack Obama’s name. Here are some examples of new words from Obamaspeak:





Baractober (the only official month)


Band Name Ideas:

  • High Bias
  • Fresh Beets
  • The Notables
  • Hippopotamusic
  • Chronotes
  • The Acappellastics
  • Benedict CumberBach
  • Bandrogynous
  • Ignoramusic
  • Possihibillities
  • Urband
  • Suburband
  • Bandrew Jackson
  • Albert Camusic

Store Name Ideas:

  • A flower shop: Flower to the People
  • A gardening store: Mulch Ado Abut Nothing. When it goes out of business, I’ll put up a big sign that says, “I don’t get out mulch anymore.”


Matriarchal Question~

How come a kingdom ruled by a queen is still called a kingdom, and not a queendom?

Metaphysical Question~

What are the differences, if any, between Prana, qi, spirit, soul, God, the Self, Brahman, Love, reiki energy, etc.?

Failed Pun:

I was sitting here trying to come up with a pun to end this blog post. It occurred to me that “knee” was pronounced the same as “-ny,” as in the word “funny.” Trying to come up with a joke involving a knee, perhaps about a comedian that was a talking knee, I combined the two words on paper, and saw that it came out: fuknee. At that moment, I knew that however promising the pun sounded in my head, visually it would not work. It was such a bad fail, in fact, that I decided to go ahead and end my blog post with it. Fuknee: a knee trying to be funny, but offending people.

And now, a flower to click. Good luck.


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