Free Idea #19: Fridge Poster


Anyone who is, has been, or currently lives with, a teenager knows that their favorite past-time is staring blankly at the food in the refrigerator. Often this occurs on the way to the dinner table, which can confuse parents who have already prepared food for the teenager to consume. Typically, the following conversation proceeds:

“What are you looking for?”


“You don’t need anything from the fridge; your dinner is waiting for you on the table.”

“I’m just looking.”


“No reason.”

This is normal teenage behavior. It can’t be explained. But what happens if that teenager moves off to college? They will be stuck in a room with either no refrigerator, or some tiny refrigerator that can’t be easily stood in front of and stared into. What will they do? I have the solution:

A life-sized poster of an open refrigerator for the dorm wall. This will relieve stress and ease the transition to college. You can make a million dollars by producing and selling these posters, even though I thought of it first. All you have to do is include a made up item of food on the refrigerator shelf, labeled “Skooploff,” as your artistic payment to me. Or, if you prefer, “Daisybrain pudding.”



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