In-Between Poetry

In-Between Heart

Home is where my heart is.

But I can’t find my heart.

I’ve spent my whole life in-between

In-between generations

In-between cultures

In-between relationships

In-between homes

If I found my heart, I could dwell there, at home


In-Between Freedom and Security

I’ve always followed:

girlfriends across the country to their schools and jobs

the curriculum

the map, as best I could

the gps, even to dead ends

I’ve been told I’m a good leader

but even then, I’m following other leaders

the tension between freedom and security

is what defines the human condition

when I emerge from confinement

where will I find the balance

without autonomy

can I be free?

how much freedom do I want?


In-Between Earth and Sky

What am I?

In-Between Earth and Sky

Sentient Stardust

Pulled toward the Sky

Pulled back to the Earth

Alive for now

Good job reading my poems. Now click the flower:


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