Fake Definitions… from Daisybrain

  • Zoology: The study of zoos
  • Astronomy: The study of asses
  • Sociology: The study of sociopaths
  • Rhinology: The study of Rhinos
  • Sarcology: The study of sarcasm
  • Cardiology: The study of playing cards
  • Cosmetology: The study of the cosmos

  • Urology: The study of Euros
  • Proctology: The study of Proctor & Gamble
  • Volcanology: The study of Vulcans
  • Meteorology: The study of meteors
  • Pathology: The study of paths
  • Radiology: The study of Radios
  • Seismology: The study of sizes
  • Topology: The study of tops
  • Otolaryngology: A totally meaningless word that hospitals put on placards to impress people

And now, an image of a flower, the clicking of which will lead to a Daisybrain post, of my choosing:


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