Three Short Poems and a Daisy


I’ve been eating a lot recently to evade fear and anxiety.

I feel rather uncomfortable in my body as a result.

Other than that, it’s a great solution.

As for my large belly, I tried sucking out the extra food through my navel with a vacuum cleaner, but nothing emerged.

I just need to build a second mouth, next to my first mouth and eat through it.

The food will go unharmed down a tube and be repackaged for other over-eaters.

I Believe a Lot of Stupid Shit

I believe a lot of stupid shit

I believe that I am self-aware star dust & energy and that I was formed in the Big Bang

I believe in Life Energy

And chakras

And my indestructible spirit

I believe in the connection of all life

The supreme power of love

And in controlling events through gratitude

I believe in God

I Forgot

I woke up and forgot.

I forgot if I was Palestinian or Jewish,

So I forgot which side was right & which side just wanted to kill me

I forgot if I had citizenship or not, so I didn’t know if I should hide or hate outsiders

I forgot if I was American or Afghani so I didn’t know which soldiers were the heroes and which were the bad guys.

I forgot all that and more and I was at peace

This flower will take you to the most magical place on Earth, if you just click it:



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