Disconnected Thoughts


Here are some things I’ve been thinking today. If we were eating a meal together, I would probably figure out a way to inject them into the conversation. But because I have no social life, I am sharing them here, in this blog post, with random strangers, lurkers and family members checking up on me.

  • Why We’re Hearing More Racist Comments in “Polite Society”
    • I believe that future social scientists will come to the conclusion that one result of Barack Obama’s presidency was a resurgence in public sphere racist dialogue. Not just as a reaction to Obama, but Obama gave racists an opportunity to say racist stuff that heretofore had been discouraged in public, under the guise of complaining about a President, and it just grew from there.

  • Why Nachos are Not Only Nutritious, But Why It’s OK That I Just Ordered a Giant Plate of Them
    • I was trying to come up with a list, “10 Reasons Nachos are a Good Idea for Me to Eat,” but I could only think of one thing: “The nauseating feeling of bloat I incur 3/4 into the meal will let me know I’m Alive.”
  • Focus
    • It occurs to me that there are two important types of focus: Bringing blurry things around me into view so that I can understand what’s going on in my life; and then, when I can clearly see what’s most important, focusing my energies on accomplishing it.
  • Timing is Everything
    • The maximum time period that it’s OK, as an adult, to move into an older sibling’s basement, say, if your life has fallen apart, is 10 days. It quickly goes downhill from there.
  • Public School Funding as it Exists, is Unconstitutional
    • Basing per capita educational spending on the local property tax base guarantees inequality that falls along racial and class lines. This seems like a clear violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution, and it begs the question: Which children deserve to have more money spent on their education and which children deserve to have less?
  • Donald Trump’s Strategy
    • I was noticing this morning that due to his constant barrage of insane and offensive comments, week after week, that I couldn’t remember what I was mad at Donald Trump about a few months ago. It occurs to me that this may actually be his strategy.

Alright, that may be enough for our dinner conversation. Sorry it was one-sided. But it saved time that way. Now you can finally click on the following daisy to see what is revealed:


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