There’s some kind of leak between my dreams and my so-called reality. It used to be one way, the normal way: bits and pieces of my life show up randomly in dreams. You know, your dog is in your dream, giving you advice, and she’s also your mother. But ever since April 13th, dream-stuff has been appearing in my waking world. For example, as I am writing this, I’m sitting in a café in Vermont, and on the chalk-written menu is raisin-flavored kombucha. Yes, Vermont is full of the hippy probiotic drink kombucha. But nobody really makes raison-flavored kombucha. It’s something I dreamed last night, along with the kombucha-flavored, vegan, raw chocolate cream pie, which I just noticed is also on display here in this café. It makes me wonder what else I’m seeing that I forget I dreamed up.

I suppose it could be that my dream of the raison-flavored kombucha was a premonition, in which case I am not the producer, just a viewer. But, the pie seems even more far-fetched. Anyway, this sort of thing has been happening more and more often, which has made me question the providence of all sorts of things that I used to assume were “just the way things are.”

Things that I now think that either I or someone else have dreamed up, possibly in one collective human dream/nightmare:

  1. Sight. The idea that animals evolved organs so sensitive to light that they can remotely infer all sorts of physical details of far away objects seems farfetched, now that I think about it.
  2. Trump. The idea that a dimwitted, egomaniacal used car salesman with no experience in government would be on the brink of being elected President of the United States seems, upon reflection, preposterous.
  3. Cultural attitudes toward sex. How is it that so many cultures regard the one act necessary for the perpetuation of their species to be immoral under most circumstances and something that should not be discussed, let alone enjoyed? Unlikely, to say the least.
  4. Meat. On the face of it, a planet where everyone is eating everyone else sounds like a nightmare scenario. Add to it that children are fed dead animals at dinner and then read storybooks about the same lovable animals having adventures, talking and forming relationships. It’s inexplicable.
  5. Trump. Oh, I mentioned that one.

Those are just the first five things that come to mind. Oh wait – mind… chemicals from the earth organizing themselves in a way as to think and become self-aware….. That just can’t be, can it?

Here’s something else unlikely to be real (click):


2 Responses to Wakescape

  1. As opposed to raisin-flavored kombucha, which might be merely tasty, raison-flavored (as in raison d’être), would have to be some wonderful gut-microbiome-rejuvenating elixir of reason. I wish we had that in Indiana.

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