The Universe Demands to Know What it is


I exploded. I don’t remember anything before that. I was energy. I was matter and energy. I’ve had lots of smaller explosions since, but nothing as big as that first one. And now, here I am, thinking about it. My consciousness isn’t centered in just this one head of mine. I think I have different pieces of the puzzle of what I am in minds scattered all over.

I want very much to understand myself and I think I’ve been very patient, waiting billions of years. But time is running out. Eventually I’ll be no more, I think. So I need to get my thoughts together. I need to stop being distracted by the moment and live in the always, in  all moments. Then, I will see the big picture.

I have to stop being one life, one lifetime, one species, one planet, and get a good look at myself. I demand, and I make this demand of myself because I am all that there is, I demand to know what the Universe is.

More questions, under the flower:

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