Daisybrain Rates Super Hero TV Shows


Like all of America, I have been trained since birth to watch and enjoy super hero movies and TV shows. Here are six currently available on Netflix and/or iTunes. I have rated them, in case you just came into existence and haven’t seen them for yourself, or are incapable of forming your own opinion.

Let’s start with the worst & work our way to the best!

6. Supergirl –

Admittedly, I only sat through one episode. Synopsis: A blond White woman with unlimited powers is stuck with the moniker “Super-Girl.” The limiting fatal flaw with any DC Super-Whoever premise is that the hero is so absurdly powerful that s/he always has to have Kryptonite and/or other aliens from their home planet show up to challenge them. As an aside, why is the universe filled with English speaking White people with American accents? I mean, they are a minority even here on Earth.

5. The Flash –

Trying my best to make it through all the seasons, but it’s painful to listen to the “science” mumbo jumbo: “We need to transfix the time speed inhibitor! Cisco! Put the deflabulator time parallax inhibitor into a watch to suck out Ice Man’s super abilities by this afternoon!” Plus any show that messes with time travel makes no sense whatsoever. Viewers have to suspend all rational thought.

4. Daredevil –

Famously good fight scenes. Mixed acting; weak premise (blind superhero has such inexplicably super senses that he’s essentially invulnerable – what’s the point to his blindness? It’s like he’s pretending to be blind).

3. Jessica Jones –

Strong female characters in an otherwise male-centric show; introduction of Luke Cage.

2. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. –

Annoying to have to type all the periods in “S.H.I.E.L.D.” But likable characters. Yet another world of very physically attractive heroes and villains.

1. Luke Cage –

Best Writing & Acting; complex characters. Breaks from many tired, cliché TV roles and stereotypes of women and people of color. Deals directly (although in a fantasy comic book way) with current cultural & political issues, including the relationship between police and unarmed Black men. The language & sex are directed to an adult audience, by the way. Luke Cage is hands-down the number one super hero show on TV and I recommend it highly.

Fun fact: A character named Claire Temple works her way up from show to show – from Daredevil to Jessica Jones to Luke Cage. She’s a TV comic book meme, kind of like Star Trek’s Chief O’Brien, and can never die.

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