Famous First Words


You want to start a story with an enticing first line. Here are some first lines for your essays, short stories and novels guaranteed to peek reader interest. Or at least to peek their fear. Feel free to use them as writing prompts. If you get published, please pay me money. Any amount. Enough for a bar of chocolate.

Fifteen Future Famous First Phrases:

  • I probably know more about humans than I know about my own species.
  • I promise not to kill you if you read this entire story.
  • This book explains the six easy steps you can take to achieve physical immortality.

  • Today, your teeth are on fire.
  • Donald Trump doesn’t remember writing this book.
  • If you don’t fear penguins now, you will soon.
  • Nothing I learned at the CIA prepared me for this.
  • I’ve been told I would be killed if I wrote this story.
  • Julie was raised by Sasquatch.
  • A diet of chocolate, cheese and ice cream saved my life… and it could save yours.
  • I ran away from home when I was 46.
  • I just found out who lives in my attic.
  • The true name of the Doctor, the character from the BBC series Doctor Who, was revealed in a 1968 episode of Star Trek.
  • Dan and Corazon sincerely wished they had put John F. Kennedy’s brain back where they had found it.
  • Bladder control! Bladder control! Bladder control!

And, if you follow this flower, you will see a short story that I stuck with past the first line:


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