3 More Poems the World Didn’t Need


We Drive the Perimeter

We drive the perimeter of Tennessee 

We drive the perimeter

First to see your parents then to see mine

I point out that there’s no discernible ridge in Ridgeville 

It’s not that kind of ridge you say

I have no idea what you’re talking about 

A day in Ridgeville with your parents

Then a day in Hawthornebury with mine

Where are the hawthorn berries you ask 

Up on the Ridgeville ridge I  say

Not even a smile

The River

The water comes and goes

Over time its imprint forms the river

Don’t hold on to illusions

Let them pass

What imprints do you want to form you?

That One Thing

What’s that one thing that’s important above all others?

fits like a glove

I don’t think that meeting my goals will get me to my goal

no need to shove

What’s that one thing?

flies like a dove

Supporting me

from below and above

It forms all of life and existence

the very nature of

It’ll come to me… if I go to it.

Look behind this flower:



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