Death, Despair & Desperation

Deep Inside My Head

A buzzing. A whooshing pressure.

My body is here but where am I?

Deep inside my head

The empty seat in front of me comes back into focus

I dreamt a lacquered coffin

Now I see one

People I should know milling about

Exiled from the family, I keep a respectful distance

This poses a semantic problem for people:

“I’m sorry for… your loss?” Their loss? The loss?

I can’t process this strange mix of emotions

So I stay deep inside my head

And wait for my body to walk away


The bluebird was at full speed

So was my car

Thud is the sound of killing freedom

Thud is the end of life

Thud is a deadly warning

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I will be young

Nothing that’s come before will count

I won’t remember any blemishes

I will be an expert in many things

I will use my unique insight to write poems

And save birds

I have placed this daisy here for you to click:



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