Little Things That Piss Me Off


  • Calling soldiers “Warriors,” like they fight for the Greco-Roman Empire
  • Calling the country the “Homeland,” like its an island fortress where our species first emerged and must stay to survive, surrounded by hostile alien vampire globs

  • Calling everyone in a uniform a “Hero,” like parking meter officers have sacrificed their lives to keep us from being enslaved by alien vampire globs
  • Calling the social programs that form society’s safety-net “Entitlements,” like people with nothing to contribute feel entitled, instead of the reality: people who have amassed wealth at the expense of poor people feeling entitled
  • Calling people excluded form citizenship due to underfunding the immigration system and bureaucratic lethargy “Illegals,” like working to improve your life and the life of your family were an unpardonable criminal act
  • Calling the party of Nixon “The Party of Lincoln,” like the history of the last 60 hadn’t taken place
  • Calling patriotic activists who defy power for a higher good “Leakers,” like they are the problem instead of the actual problems they are bringing to light
  • Calling global warming “Climate Change,” like it’s some innocuous, inconsequential seasonal shift in transient weather patterns
  • Calling the United States a “land of immigrants,” like Native Americans don’t exist
  • Calling music that’s not punk rock punk rock, like it’s punk rock

That’s all for now. Please click this flower, because I asked:


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