Words we need to make it through the next year


Junioring: The act of claiming innocence by stupidity

Internyet: Russian use of the internet to veto an election 

Fakicity: Obvious artificiality and fakeness presented by people pretending to be authority figures

Flerp: To pass on a brain activity due to media overload. Example: In response to a question about the Trump-Russia conspiracy,  “I flerp on that,” “I flerp,” or simply, “flerp.”

Politack: A political attack.

Mediaddiction: Craving a fix of insane national news

Trump Towering Inferno, The Fall of Trumpire, Trumplestilskin Vanquished!: phrases for headlines of government chaos and implosion

Overlordy: When Comey expresses dismay with “lordy,” Trump responds with, “That’s Overlordy to you!”

RealiTycoon, RealiTypo, RealiTease, RealiTransfiguration, RealiTyranny, Reali-T-Rex: The altered or extinct concept of reality

Republican’ts: A party that can’t enact its own agenda even when holding all the governmental reigns of power

Republicancer: A disease that started at a tea party and resulted in a Trump Towering Inferno

Republicankerous: The condition of being a grumpy Republican stuck in a dysfunctional and self-destructive party

Putinderbox: Our precarious relationship with Russia

“My Spider-sense is Putingling”: A phrase we’ll hear in the next Spiderman movie

Putinkering: You know, in the election…

That’s all for now, unless you dare click the flower:


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