Brand New Words!

fruity jam

The following words did not exist until I made them up. You’re welcome!

  1. Flambertoast (n): Toast spread generously with flamberjam
  2. Flamberjam (n): A sweet spread made of crushed flamberberries
  3. Flamberberry (n): The fruit of the flamberbush
  4. Flamberbush (n): The deciduous plant that produces the edible, and slightly radioactive, flamberberry

OK, one thing kind of led to another there. Breaking free of that loop. Here are some more practical new words:

  • Thudruck (n): That unpleasant feeling of something stuck in your throat
  • Craffling (v): Projectile laughing in a loud restaurant
  • Cantcer: (n): Cancer-free
  • Domiyes (n): A more positive game of Dominos
  • Pecants (n) For those allergic to pecans
  • Blograstinating (v): Putting off important life decisions by blogging

And now, this (click):


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