Some Poemish Songs (or songish poems)


When I get it

I can’t make it out of my mind

I’m in such an awful bind

There’s this thing I need to find 

A hidden key of some kind

It’s eluded me before

It’s on the other side of a door

When I get it, I’ll be free

When I get it, I’ll change my destiny 

Siri, wake me up now

Siri, wake me up now

Siri, wake me up now

Siri, I want to get back to my real life. Please wake me up

Set the alarm for when?


For what time?

The present time.

Siri, wake me up now.

Siri, wake me up now


Body Vacation

I’m going on a little vacation

I’ve got everything set up for my body to function smoothly for a couple of weeks without me.

My work schedule is set. I put money on my subway card. I got a bunch of quarters for laundry.

No surprise events – everything is pretty routine. I should be fine without me.

A lot of the people I interact with are on vacation too, so I won’t be missing anything.

I haven’t decided where I’ll go yet.

Perhaps a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

Maybe snorkeling in Hawai’i.

Or just curl up in my bed for a long nap.

Yeah. That sounds good. I’ll sleep.

If you need me, leave a message with my body.

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