1-Week Lifestyle Diet


Hi. Last night, I was lamenting the fact that I live a less-than healthy life. I always put off things I know I should do. Sometimes I stay up all night wasting time online. Although I’m a vegetarian, I can go weeks or longer without bothering to eat a piece of fruit or even a green salad. I imagine this sort of constant regret is pretty common. But I came up with an idea!

I am embarking on a one-week Lifestyle Diet. You know how Gandhi implored us to be the change we wish to see in the world, instead of just grumbling about it and doing nothing? One way I interpret that is that I should be living the way I want to to live in the future. I always have this idea that someday, maybe after I win the lottery, I will purge myself of bad habits and live more in accordance with my ideals. But that day can’t happen without making it so.

And so, last night, I scheduled a maintenance visit for the toilet in my apartment to be fixed. I had been putting it off because I wanted to clean my bathroom before strangers came in too fix the toilet. Scheduling the maintenance meant I had to clean the bathroom. I also went ahead and meditated this morning, something I’ve told myself over the last month or three that I didn’t have time for. For the next week, everything I think I should do, I will do.

Today is Day One of my Lifestyle Diet. I will keep you posted on this very blog post with daily updates.

Day 1

Pretty good so far. I got enough sleep last night, didn’t eat massive quants of CBD oil from free samples at work. I actually ate a meal during my lunch break. The toilet repair people didn’t come, which means I have to keep my apartment clean for another day – good motivation. Also, I did all my morning health routines (mini-qigong, meditation, etc.) and ate a quasi-meal instead of just nachos for dinner.

Tomorrow is a day off work for me, which presents a challenge, but since I want to get out of the apartment before the repair people arrive unannounced, I will find some place to go & hangout and hopefully be productive. Maybe write a blog post? I’d say that I’d work on my book, but that would be crazily ambitious of me.

So far, so good.

Day 2

Got enough sleep. Only watched one episode of Sabrina last night. Ate a vegetarian breakfast burrito. Got my toilet fixed on World Toilet Day. Agreed to help out with an extra shift at work later today (it’s ok, I love my work friends), and am now sitting and blogging at a café. It’s 10:35, so good start.

Good news! My left eye stopped twitching! It had been twitching for three days. I suspected that my diet of chocolate and cheese was missing some sort of nutrient that my eye needed. Over the last two days I made an effort to eat vegetables, and now my eye is happy. I also washed the dishes I’ve been putting off washing for nearly a week, and sent the following meme to a coworker who, like I, sells CBD products at a retail outlet:

goldfish meme

In the olden days, before yesterday, I would have just put off sending it, but I wanted to cheer him up, and my new motto is: “Do Whatever it is That You Think You Should Do, But Don’t Because You Are Waiting For When You Get a Chance But Just Not Today Because It’s Getting Late.”  I know, it’s a bit wordy. I need to work on that. But the point is that I am still complying with my lifestyle diet plan of doing what I think is best instead of putting it off.

Tomorrow, I plan to indulge in some pastries, which I have been leaving out of my diet these last two days (and feeling good about). But that’s for emotional support, since I will be signing divorce papers and anticipate being sad. I don’t consider the pastries in that context to be a violation of my Diet.

Day 3

I ate the anticipated pastry, but also made sure to eat a salad, brush my teeth before bed… carry the rest of the boxes of clothes from my car to my apt., stuff like that. Any time I think, I should do that, but it can wait, I go ahead and do it. So far, nothing major has been accomplished – I didn’t finish writing my book – but lots of minor things have been taken care of.

Tomorrow, before work, I’ll make sure to eat some food that contains something other than muffin ingredients.

Day 4

Hmmm… I seem to have forgotten to write anything about Day 4, as it is now Day 5.

Day 5

It was Thanksgiving. It’s a fake US holiday that we are obligated by some sort of national contract to go through. But I got to see family members and eat a very delicious vegan feast that my sister somehow created all by herself.

I drove back the 2 1/2 hours to get to my apt. in time to wash clothes tonight, but the building’s washing machine is broken. So… no underwear tomorrow. But as long as I keep to my plan of productivity on Day 6, I’ll be happy with my progress.

Day 6

Evening. I am blogging, obviously. But more than that, I am hanging out with an artist-friend who is sitting across from me at this cool café drawing while I am writing. It’s my dream life. This is the kind of creative productivity, mixed with social interaction, that I have been unable to engage in for the past year or so. Is this a result of my Lifestyle Diet? I don’t know, but also I have the energy to hang out and write in the evening after work because I got to bed early. And, that was a result of my Lifestyle Diet. Contributing to my overall energy and feeling of wellness is the fact that I haven’t been eating pastry at every meal, as I had been doing.

“Maybe it’s not a Lifestyle Diet anymore, its just a lifestyle,” says my artist-friend sitting across from me.

Day 7

I ate too much, when I knew better. But, I was hanging out with friends at the time, and this is the first time I’ve hung out with friends in over a year. So my social health far outlays the detriment of that extra piece of vegan pizza.

I can’t say this 7-day Lifestyle Diet was dramatic – it was designed to be obtainable, not earth-shattering. My apartment is still a mess, but part of that is because the washing machine in my building is broken. I actually did a load of laundry at my friend’s house. So, I have clean underwear for tomorrow.

Over all, I’ve learned that just like a strange low carb or zero sugar or whatever diet, if it’s for a fixed period of time, I can make other changes to my behavior. Things I perpetually put off I found myself able to do because of the rule I imposed in my Lifestyle Diet: Whenever I think of something I should do, I just go a head and do it.

I recommend a 7-day Lifestyle Diet for anyone, catered to their particular undesirable behavior. The challenge will be whether it was a binge diet that will have no effect on my  lifestyle moving forward, or whether I’ve made some new habit, or at least lessened the power that old habits had over me.

Fall into this spinning vortex daisy for a post I like to call “Whatever link I’m about to attach to this graphic”:


3 Responses to 1-Week Lifestyle Diet

  1. Juan TRED says:

    You should spend much of your day off time just walking around. Great exercise and you can brag about how many “steps” you got in. And it’s free. And you’re not spending money or eating chocolate as long as you keep moving.


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