Your Next Band, Named (and other random things)


I misplaced my last list of band name ideas, so just pretend that you read it, it was very clever & you loved it. In the meantime, here are some more:

The Spazmatics




Chlorella DeVille


Old Yeller (fronted by an elder punk rocker)

Dumble Doors (Doors cover band, with a Harry Potter theme)


I was struck the other day by the fact that Elvis and Levis are just two switched letters apart. Did Elvis wear Levis jeans? Of course, Elvis and Lives are also anagrams, which I’m sure his parents knew when they planned his career and fake death when he was born.

*another Elvis anagram

For all the airline execs reading this blog, it’s bad enough that we are flying to our “terminal.” Please stop making it worse by announcing our “final descent.”

A chemistry joke: Water, creating solutions where none existed before.

I wonder if any construction worker has ever stopped & thought, “I’m sealing a ceiling while building a building.”

While “incidences” is technically a word, it does not mean what you think it does. Just say “incidents.”

Why is everyone freaked out about an active scooter downtown? (Thank you, Emily Litella.)

Thanks to TV & movies, the only disaster that a good portion of the public has been trained for is a zombie apocalypse. 

Turns out that essential oils are not actually essential. Who knew?

Fun fact that I made up: Doorknobs weren’t invented until several decades after doors were invented. There were great celebrations when they could finally open all those doors. 

Here is a sentence that no one has written before in the history of humanity: “Eagles have mustaches, but only when you aren’t looking.”

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