Loving-Kindness is the Key to Everything


Every day, I do a loving-kindness meditation, and it feels good. But what is “loving-kindness” and what distinguishes it from regular kindness? And how is it, as the title of this post promises, the key to Everything?

I do love kindness, I mean, it feels good when someone is kind to you. So I guess I am in the state of loving (verb) kindness (noun). But some kindness is kinder than other kindness. If a crossing guard helps you cross a street, that’s an act of kindness, but they’re just doing their job. If, on their day off, that crossing guard sees a person who needs assistance and helps them cross the street out of concern for their well-being and safety, that’s an act of loving kindness – it is generated from love.

Loving-kindness is predicated on the belief that we are, at our core, creations of love, that love is the energy that manifests as people, rocks, salamanders and everything else. Loving-Kindness is the truest expression of that love, the most honest way of interacting with the world. Everything else is just a facade, or a misguided expression of love.

When I start every day with the affirmation, “May I give and receive only loving-kindness in harmony with my true nature and the true nature of the Universe,” I am recognizing that we are all made out of the same divine energy and it is through the expression of unconditional love, i.e. loving-kindness, that we can be at peace with ourselves and with all of creation.

Recognize that you are Qi, the circulating energy of life, and that you therefore live in the flow of Qi. All good things will flow to and from you – all things in harmony with the nature of the Universe, all things love, through infinite acts of loving-kindness. It’s the key to everything – to all good, all understanding,¬†all peace, and all freedom.

Try it.





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