An Apothecary of Apocryphal Apocalypses


Fellow Marshmallow

Hello, my fellow mellow yellow marshmallow,

They dunk you. They drunk you. They resolve to dissolve you.

In the hot cocoa of Rocky Rococo who is no stranger to Mr. Nick Danger

The Beatles, the Stones give way to Ramones

More singers and bands are lost in the sands

Desktops and laptops, iPads and iPhones

Fill the landfill and leave us alone

Interconnected disconnected 

While the non-silicon dries on the bone

What a pretty ringtone.



Mitigate! Resuscitate! Abdicate!

50% by 2188!

I asked all the seagulls what we should do

But they were dead, just like me and you


Braindead Nazi Clown Zombies

Braindead Nazi Clown Zombies have taken over the government

They are led by a senile child in an old man’s flesh suit

I’m pretty sure I can ride this all out

Look! A smart flower portal:


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