Potential Presidents Poem

I can’t abide Biden

He’ can’t be relied in

He’s always been dumb

Now his is brain is just numb

Bernie jumped off his gurney

back on to his journey

to make sure we learnie

1% is our concernie 

Warren is soarin’

ahead of other septagenorans

but if you ask about tax

she’s throw you of track

Yang has a thang

A big buck for your bang

It sounds pretty strong

but will it right every wrong?

Don’t misjudge Buttigieg

his positions may fudge

but a small town mayor

is more qualified than the current player

Klobuchar may not get far

but as VP she could star

and she’s shown herself tactical

as she fights for the practical

Gabbard is absurd

homophobe is the word

to the Dems she’s a pox

which makes her the darling of Fox

Booker will not snooker

a passionate vegan looker

who often takes a strong stance

why doesn’t he stand a chance?

Bloomberg is rich

with a burning 4-year itch

to be the White House resident

and redeem the 1 percentagent

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