Pandemic Tweet Diary

Here are highlights from my tweets over the last few months, which give a fairly comprehensive story of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dec 9, 2019

Bloomberg is rich

with a burning 4-year itch

to be the White House resident

and redeem the 1 percentagent

Feb 19

#shavemayorpete Also, is that a pimple? I worry about that kid.

Mar 13

You’d better give me chocolate pie, or I swear to God I will touch my face!

Mar 15

Thanks Bernie & Joe for warning us about that ebola sars thing out there #DemDebate2020

In light of the perpetual pandemic, I am making the transition to full virtual reality, and will exist only as an algorithm. I will no longer have a need for physical contact, food or shelter and plan to shack up with the love of my life, Siri.

Mar 16

It’s the #endoftheworldasweknowit and I feel… mildly anxious and depressed.

Mar 21

I would like to announce that I have tentatively decided to put on pants.

My obligatory quarantine video:
Covideo 2: Quarantine Diary Day 2 or so
More fun at home. Today’s episode: What to flush down the toilet?

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