Infected Poems

I slated

I’m so elated

I slated 


I sell lay dead

ice slated


I sold eight ed

I sole hated


eye soul aided

aye shul dated


Choose the Now

You know the dread

Hanging over your head

You hope you’re just dead?

You have to find

In your mind

A way to stay kind?

You think things are cool

Then you think you’re a fool

Just society’s tool?

You try to wait out

You try not to doubt

You know what it’s about

Just have to be

In the moment be free

Choose your reality


What I have learned living among humans this year:

Humans have to pay a fee just to cough.

They call it a Cough-Fee.

When poop goes to war, it is War-Turd.

When you make furniture out of carrots and broccoli

You have a Vegi-Table.

Humans have no plan

Even though they live on a Plan-It.

Do not follow the path of bees

Because it only leads to a Bee-Trail.

Everyone is obsessed with a panda named Mick…


People complain about frozen water making them happy,

Which they call Ice-Elation.

Many adolescents are obsessed with corn.

They are referred to as the Corn-Teen.

Look: A clickable Flower!


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