Pandemic Poetry

Last May I got payed to play in a play

by Checkoff

I banked on the bank being open

so I could drop my old check off

But the bank was closed

cause of pandemic I supposed

So back to drink and play cards with my deck of


People afraid you’ll transmit

walk by them and they throw a fit

I do all that you ask

I’m wearing my mask

And my cigarettes barely just lit


So alone

On my thrown

In a room of my own

No pressure as I sit here and poop


I have invented many things

Like potato au gratin with pineapple rings

And sour kraut candy on fake chicken wings

I planted the beans and ate all their strings

I’ve created new meals never thought of by kings

From my unique pantry, hope eternal springs

Now click this flower for a post written back when you knew what the lower half of people’s faces looked like:






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