Neo-Definitions… just because


Tired of words and their stuffy old meanings? Now you can use the same words… differently! (Plus I threw a few made up words in there.)

Request: When you go on a quest… again

Pandemic: Too many pans

Transmute: A transgender person with laryngitis

Essential Workers: People forced to work and die to make more money for the elite rulers of the Greedocracy

Prostate: A professional state

Relate: To show up late… again

Volcanyes: A more positive volcano

Berate: To give the rating of “B”

Pretend: To tend to something before it needs tending to

Womanure: From a female horse

Tuless: For those who prefer not to have tumor

Humor: A brighter hue

Intractable: Unable to be pulled with a tractor

Chocolate: What you eat for dessert after a nice appetizer of chocoearly and a hearty meal of chocontime

Videotapes: This is not ancient video storage technology. Rather, it refers to idiot apes making a “V” sign on Instagram that they think is cool and maybe means “peace” but really is sign language for “stupid.” Also written as “V-idiot-apes.”

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