Nodding Off

With the arrival of mask culture, we must learn alternative ways to communicate the nuances formerly expressed by or faces. It turns out that the humble nod, which we once took for granted, can be utilized in myriad forms to convey a wealth of meaning. But not all nods say the same thing! Here is a chart explaining the meanings of the basic types of nods available to you.

autodraw yes


autodraw 4


autodraw 3


autodraw 2


autodraw 8

“That’s a dumb question”

autodraw 7

“I have no idea what you’re saying but it’s not worth asking you to repeat it.”


autodraw 5

“Sid Vicious-style sneer”

autodraw 6

“While I am speaking friendly words to you I loathe your very existence.”

And now, for the greatest thing I have ever created. My legacy on Earth, as it were:


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